Our mission is to help staff to feel real pride in the business, and for our customers to trust in genuine partnership working. It is our commitment to set ESG standards that others look to emulate in the real estate sector.

Our values form the foundation of everything that we do in this area, inspiring our everyday efforts.

Make Waves

VERB do things differently. Every one of us comes to work believing in our individual and collective ability to make change. We open ourselves up to diverse new ideas and the rigour of challenge.

When we take smart risks, we do so with positivity and determination.

Make Friends

Driving performance through property solutions relies on strong relationships - Both internally and externally.

We bring our authentic selves to work, and approach others with curiosity and positivity. Our people support and appreciate each other in pursuit of shared goals.

Make Space

We believe impact is achieved by creating time and space to think and explore problems together. By maintaining balance, we find fun and joy in what we do.

In taking time to stop and look up, we find better solutions. Stepping back is as vital to our process as diving in.

Make Sense

In order to deliver more efficient, fast and high-performing real estate solutions, we must demystify, simplify and conserve every step along the way.

We use finite resources judiciously – From natural materials to time – And can justify our usage with clear reasoning. We are unwavering in our commitment to do what’s right.