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Cathexis Group expands its portfolio with a real estate disruptor for hi-tech assets

The Cathexis Group has appointed Chris McDermott as CEO of VERB, the latest addition to their highly-successful portfolio of complementary businesses. Here we define our radical divergence from convention, and why this works. VERB will enter the real estate sector as a disruptor to classic models. With a number of their people having developed their skills at sibling companies including ISG and Yondr, the business has been inspired by a clear need to demystify the development of built assets. Taking inspiration from the experience of the senior team, a business plan was formed around the principle of investment in emerging and high-growth sectors, focusing on hi-tech assets and making a meaningful contribution to de-carbonising the real estate sector.

This serves to remove risk from the customer, consolidate and execute a streamlined construction process, with VERB then owning and operating a premium facility against clearly-defined lease terms which are agreed early in the relationship.

Chris has been within the Cathexis Group for over seven years, and is relishing the opportunity to lead a new initiative designed to set new standards for its sector. “Working within the Cathexis ecosystem has demonstrated that organisations within the real estate sector can break the mould, land innovation and fresh thinking, and deliver unprecedented certainty and productivity. VERB has been created and given the freedom to enhance and focus our expertise and learning towards new sectors and customers.”

Over the course of 2022 and into 2023 VERB will be building a core team of leadership staff, whilst pursuing an array of exciting opportunities to assist businesses to grow, operating in carefully-selected key sectors. The first VERB development scheme is well underway in the form of the Home of Production (HOP) Studios in Bedfordshire, leveraging their model to create a new style of campus production facility which will define better standards across the industry.

Designed by producers, HOP studios are built for efficient production work-flows with the aim of building on the UK’s reputation as a destination for world-class film-making. Large-scale productions hit the ground running from day one, with on-site workshops, equipment and craft services revolving around the needs of the project and the crews that make it happen.

Our partnership with Quartermaster to provide sector expertise has led to the successful submission of a planning application for the project, with a decision due in Q1 2023. For more information, and to see how VERB builds brands and develops large-scale projects visit the HOP website.

The VERB model offers the opportunity for organisations to set themselves targets that they would not have thought possible in their formative years, or for established businesses to imagine exciting new plans for growth. This is achieved through our approach to targeted investment and absorption of calculated risk.


You bring knowledge and insight to your chosen field; Allow VERB to bring the real estate expertise. To discuss the possibilities for your business, contact us at

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“VERB has been created and given the freedom to enhance and focus OUR expertise and learning towards new sectors and customers.”

Chris McDermott

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