News Update

Expert team disrupting convention and delivering better

Our highly-skilled, diverse and growing team represents a wide range of expertise across industries, sectors and the property lifecycle. Our backgrounds are varied, but we share a common ambition: to disrupt convention and deliver better outcomes for our customers. 

As a team, we represent a wide range of expertise and skills across industries, sectors and the property lifecycle. This collection of talents is by design: Our ambition is to grow a vibrant, diverse and highly skilled team of experts capable of delivering on our promise of a more agile and aligned real estate development process. 

We’re united by some common characteristics that together make us one of the strongest development teams in the industry today: 

We’re original, creative problem-solvers. Every one of us has built a career on an appetite and capacity for analysis that often falls outside the norm. Independently, we’re curious, creative thinkers willing to challenge and be challenged. Together, we drive to the heart of problems and find solutions both grounded in reality and unconstrained by convention. 

We’re customer-centric to our core. We enjoy what we do, but the real payoff for all of us lies in our ability to create value for customers. Each of us has a track record built on relationships and customer focus. As a group, we hold each other to account, ensuring that every decision we make serves the needs and ambitions of our clients. 

We’re quick (and curious) students. Look at any of our CVs, and you’ll see one thing in common: variety. Even though we’ve pursued different fields and sectors, we’re united by an appetite to learn more, to experience different things, and to explore beyond our comfort zones. Once there, we’re rapid learners, soaking up new knowledge before taking our learnings to the next horizon. 

We’re IQ-meets-EQ. The academic successes and qualifications among us are considerable, but what truly joins us together is our emotional intelligence. As individuals, our reputations precede us for the relationships we build and the collaborative way in which we approach our work. As a team, we support and uplift each other, respect our differences, and seek consensus. 

We restlessly seek purpose. Our backstories, motivations and career paths might vary, but we share a desire to be a part of positive change. We are all natural entrepreneurs. We aren’t afraid of hard work, smart risk, or getting our hands dirty. We have low egos, but high ambitions for ourselves and each other. As VERB, we are seizing a rare opportunity to leave our mark on the world.