Home of Production

Overhauling the film and TV industry by setting a new standard for campus studios

Squarely taking on the challenge of meeting the needs of underserved markets, VERB formed a partnership with Quartermaster, film and TV industry experts - Driven by lofty ambitions to deliver studios specifically designed to serve a booming sector.

In 2020, the UK film and high-end TV production spend was £2.8 billion, whilst over the course of the pandemic, Netflix passed 200 million global subscribers. All of this growth is against the backdrop of antiquated facilities, which do not support the needs of crews using them, nor the needs of the productions themselves in working efficiently and meeting the electric pace of filming schedules.

The Home of Production (HOP for short) has been built from concept through land search and acquisition, leading to site masterplanning. It sets out to build a platform for a brand that puts health and wellbeing of the crew at its heart. The design is based around concentric circles, enabling effective workflows which, while maintaining schedules and rates of production, also enable simplicity in the daily lives of those working on site.

VERB’s ability to drive the development process was invaluable. We propelled the project forward thanks to our ability to draw on our supplier network to source land, rapidly access funding to secure the site, and navigate the project confidently through planning.

Enabling works are underway on the site, with construction due to start on Phase 1 in early 2023.

"HOP demonstrates the power of VERB to serve the needs of booming high-tech industries with performance-enhancing real estate solutions."

Adam Calvin
Director, VERB

“THE INDUSTRY SPOKE AND WE LISTENED. HOP offers unrivalled facilities for a film studio”

Katya Baker
Director, Quartermaster

Project summary

Project name:
HOP Bedfordshire
Campus Masterplan
Start-on-site - Q1 2023
Film and TV Studios
1,587,006 sq.ft total footprint
Completion date
Phase 1 Live - H1 2025

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