We provide disruptive and transformative property solutions to businesses and sectors underserved by conventional development models.

This is how we do it.


We are real estate experts, so you don't have to be.


VERB was founded on a desire to disrupt the convoluted, opaque and (sometimes) adversarial nature of the real estate sector. Our ambition is to leverage the expertise of our team across the property lifecycle to ensure your built asset is delivered faster, more sustainably, and better aligned to your business goals than ever before.

Understanding need

For many businesses, the right space is essential to enabling operations and meeting need. As experts in your field you understand the purpose of that space and what needs to happen inside of it, but it's unlikely you know how best to get there. We take you from the point of need to a fully functional built asset that operates as you need it to.

Invest and solve

We make it our business to understand yours, creating faster routes to your new built asset. Not only that but along the way we absorb the risk and capital requirement, financing the creation of built assets then arranging a lease for the long term. In effect, you leave the real estate to us, while you concentrate where you're needed most: on your mission.


From land parcel to fully-operational asset - We make your real estate ambitions happen


We pass on the benefits of knowledge and support from our parent and sibling companies.

Organisational structure

The organisational structure of our parent company and permanent capital base provides significant advantages for VERB customers. The benefits include strong alignment with our management teams, a long-term investment horizon, the ability to move quickly, plus flexibility around transaction structures.

Lower risk. Greater transparency

With VERB you have the ability to deploy your capital in a far more impactful way. Our strong financial portfolio allows us to commit to project outlay, while you concentrate on growing your business. Not only that, but you have absolute transparency and commitment over lease arrangements from the start.

Leveraging expertise

VERB are able to call on the expertise and experience of our sibling companies across the world. In fact, wherever possible we integrate them directly into our project approach. We are able to offer better terms by leveraging relationships and building smart commercial models to directly benefit our customers.


Our family of integrated businesses combine knowledge and insight from across the entire property lifecycle


The family office of the firm’s CEO, a multi-strategy investment company with a suite of vertically-integrated business interests


Renewable energy power plant developer transforming industrial infrastructure

Digital infrastructure productisation and integrated supply chain

Data center and high-tech real estate development

Global fit out, technology and construction services, with a turnover of £2.5 billion

Building commissioning management, technical services and specialist engineering

Lithium battery technology producer building the UK’s first gigaplant

Acceleration through investment

We build bespoke, targeted models and plot your trajectory for business growth.

Specific requirements

Why does your business need a built asset? What does it need to do for you, and how can we design it to perform in a way that perfectly matches your activity? Our first point of order is to research, understand, gather information. VERB defines your intended outcome before ever proposing our approach.

Customised proposal

We are experts in building and operating technical facilities that are tailored both to our customer's business and the project at hand. At the solution stage, we offer and fix lease terms. In turn, you get complete transparency from the outset, plus complete certainty over operational spend vs revenue creation for decades into the future.

Assured growth

Our team works with our sibling organisations and an expert supply chain to effect a faster programme and occupation date, arriving at an industry-disrupting pace. Crucially, we achieve these outcomes without any financial outlay from you. Your moving-in date represents the time at which the lease agreement is activated.


Meaningful contribution to a decarbonised future is non-negotiable. We provide a clean energy ecosystem for real estate.

EV Fleet
On-site energy generation
On-site energy storage
Clean energy supply
EV charging points
EV Fleet and charging infrastructure
On-site clean energy generation and storage
Clean energy supply
The VERB house of brands

Our pool of contributors helps us to build businesses and brands from the ground up.

The 'lightbulb moment'

The VERB team offers much more than creation of built assets. Drawing together contributors from our network, we build businesses and brands. Real estate and construction is a part of the overall package of works, but it's more than that: It's the start of something new.

Big ideas, disruptive thinking

If you come to us about partnerships, sectors in need, investment concepts or even just an idea, we’ll help you take it to the next level. We bring together experts to offer broad and disruptive thinking on projects that might not fit into accepted standards or the 'normal' business models for real estate.

VERB in action

We include a case study for the first of our house brands, the Home of Production (HOP) - A major new film and television studio campus concept with the first location set for Bedford, UK. The development’s scale, allied to a masterplan created to challenge standards in the sector, are an able demonstrator of our capability and vision.


Partnering with Quartermaster to challenge and overhaul the film and TV industry by setting a new standard for studios